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New Classes: Boost Metabolism x Free your legs x Correct your Posture

By Tracy Assaad

SUN MAY 23, 2021

NEW CLASSES added to the Library

DETOX x DIGEST - Digestive & Lymphatic System

  • FULL BODY x CORE - a 40-minute class to wake-up your Agni (digestive fire) boost metabolism and immunity, promote proper lymph circulation in the abdomen and legs to reduce water retention.

  • LOWER BODY x HIP RELEASE - a 50-minute class dedicated to creating more space in the belly, releasing the hip flexors muscles, promoting proper lymph flow in the legs, groin and belly.

ALIGN x RESTORE - Fascial Therapy & Postural Corrective Exercises

  • WORKING AROUND SCOLIOSIS - In this 25-minute session you will be working toward symmetry on both sides of the spine. Upper thoracic muscles are stretched then strengthened to alleviate the imbalances in muscle tones and development.correct imbalances and posture.

  • SHOULDER ALIGNMENT - a 15-minute class focused on developing awareness of your body placement while working on strengthening the shoulder muscles which contributes to proper alignment.