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MAY - New Classes Boost Metabolism x Lift the Face x Free your hips

By Tracy Assaad

SAT MAY 15, 2021

NEW CLASSES added to the Library

DEPUFF X DEFINE - Face Massage & Acupressure

  • Nasolabial Folds or Smile Lines - a 10-minute class to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, lift the corner of the mouth and define the cheeks.

TONE x LIFT - Face Exercises & Stretches

  • Tongue Exercises - a 25-minute class targeting the 8 muscles of the tongue, mouth and upper throat to help maintain and support our respiratory system. Did you know working on these muscles can also boost digestion, reduce snoring, mouth breathing and much more.

DETOX x DIGEST - Digestive & Lymphatic System

  • Ignite your Digestive Fire - a 30-minute class to wake-up your Agni (digestive fire) boost metabolism and immunity, detox your mind through movement and Bhastrika.

BOOST X BALANCE - Endocrine (hormones) & Nervous System

  • Lower Abdomen Stretch - a 60-minute class dedicated to releasing a major muscle hip flexor that impacts our reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus), our digestive, urinary and nervous system. Free your hips and your lower back!

ALIGN x RESTORE - Fascial Therapy & Postural Corrective Exercises

  • Full Body - an intense 40-minute class dedicated to moving the full body using slow and controlled movement. Working at a slower pace forces your body to use your weaker muscles which can help correct imbalances and posture.

  • Strong Core - a 15-minute class targeting the entire abdominal wall and lower core. Build endurance, strength, mobility and stability while cultivating a greater sense of physical awareness.

  • Ankle Mobility - 10 minutes - Our feet are the base of our body supporting us to stand, move, sit and are used even when laying down. When the ankle joint is stiff, it can decrease ankle mobility altering your posture and balance.