with a video library of unlimited classes

  • A comprehensive video library of a wide variety of class styles for all experience levels taught by Tracy Assaad and Maria Tamer
  • Over 100 pre-recorded classes in the video library with new classes added monthly
  • 20 min. quick fix flows, and massages to 60 min. full length classes.
  • Accessible anytime of the day to best meet your daily mental, emotional and physical needs
  • Wake up with a sunrise breathing routine or a quick face massage, boost your digestion and lymph flow with an energizing flow, support your hormones and reduce your stress levels with some BOOST x BALANCE classes, squeeze in some alignment and strengthening classes or unwind with an evening slow therapeutic class and a soothing abdominal or face massage.

MEMBERS - unlimited access to all the videos in the LIBRARY


While we don’t follow a specific style of yoga or pilates, we base our teachings on the principles of breath, movement, alignment and mind/body connection. These principles will allow us to dive deeper into our bodies and support our immunity, hormones, digestion, mood, posture and help reduce stress and inflammation.

Take your practice at your own pace; we are all so very different and even as individuals our energy, mood (and hormones!) vary from day to day and it is very crucial to honor our bodies by knowing when to move and when to rest. We offer both classes for when you’re feeling like moving and when you need a more gentle form of self-care.

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